Veljko Marinkovic, Vladimir Senic

Faculty of Economics University of Kragujevac


Customer orientation in the last couple of years has been experiencing an expansion in many service-based organizations including banks. The needs of fi nancial services users are dynamically changing, making it necessary for banks to be oriented towards developing long-term relationships with their clients in order to become and remain profi table. The main objective of this research is aimed at studying a" itudes of corporate clients – small and medium enterprises – on diff erent elements of the service quality delivered by a banking institution. The results of the conducted study emphasize three key elements of a service off er in corporate banking, including, respecting and understanding a bank’s clients, professionalism and image. Such fi ndings additionally confi rm the necessity for modern banking institutions to embrace the concept of tight cooperation with clients, only possible if they are truly commi" ed to the marketing orientation in their everyday business.


Keywords: service quality, bank image, small and medium enterprises, corporate clients

JEL Classification: M31

Economic Horizons, 2012, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 15-24. doi: 10.5937/ekonhor1201013M

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