Dragana Rejman Petrovic, Igor Milanovic, Zoran Kalinic

Faculty of Economics University of Kragujevac


The concept of supply chain management (SCM) has occupied serious research a! ention in recent years. This concept goes beyond intra-organizational boundaries to achieve a greater value of the entire supply chain network. The development of ICT, together with the Internet environment, has an impact on the management concept of traditional supply chains, allowing the integration of participants and the management of complex interfaces between organizations in the supply chain network. The e-business model connects the separate activities of the supply chain in an integrated, coordinated, fl exible, effi cient and responsive system. This paper analyzes the key aspects of e-SCM and diff erent supply chains architectures in an e-environment as the starting point for defi ning the generic architecture model of e-SCM.


Keywords: supply chain architectures, supply chain management, e-environment, e-SCM

JEL Classifi cation: L29, M10, M11, M15

Economic Horizons, 2012, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 39-52. doi: 10.5937/ekonhor1201037R

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