Milena Nedeljkovic Knezevic1, Maja Mijatov1 i Sladjana Nedeljkovic2

1University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, Novi Sad, The Republic of Serbia

2PE Elektroprivreda Srbije, Rudarski basen Kolubara, Kolubara, The Republic of Serbia

The subject matter of this research study is the importance of the sociodemographic characteristics and the personality dimensions of employees for communication satisfaction. This study is aimed at determining the significant influences and correlations between the main constructs within the research study conducted on a sample of 119 employees. The obtained results have shown that, except for the gender structure of the respondents, the other examined sociodemographic characteristics have an influence on certain dimensions of communication satisfaction. Correlations were also identified between certain personality dimensions and the dimensions of communication satisfaction. The research results have numerous practical implications. The quality of the interpersonal relationships between highly-educated employees and their supervisors needs to be improved by providing a greater autonomy and complex working tasks. It is also necessary to improve the bottom-up communication process for the purpose of enabling subordinates to express their ideas without barriers. Finally, it is recommended that employees with a high level of the personality dimensions ‘Openness to new experiences’ and ‘Extraversion’ should be in the positions in which they could achieve the best results.

Keywords: communication satisfaction, personality dimensions, ‘Big Five theory’, sociodemographic characteristics, employees

JEL Classification: J0, M54, M50

Economic Horizons2019, 21(3), 239-253. Published online 25 December 2019

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